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Pipe Bursting Services in New Orleans

Lining Coating Solutions (LCS) offers specialized pipe bursting services across New Orleans, employing this trenchless technology to replace damaged or outdated pipelines with minimal disruption and cost savings. This technical overview details our approach to pipe bursting, emphasizing the method’s efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reduced impact on the surrounding environment.


The Pipe Bursting Process by LCS

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method that replaces existing pipelines without the need for extensive excavation. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Initial Assessment
    Our team conducts a thorough inspection of the existing pipeline using CCTV camera technology. This initial assessment helps us understand the condition of the pipe, its material, and the extent of damage or degradation. Based on this assessment, we devise a strategic plan tailored to the specific requirements of the pipeline and the surrounding area.
  2. Access Creation
    Two small access points are excavated at either end of the section to be replaced. These access pits are significantly smaller than the trenches required for traditional excavation methods, minimizing surface disruption.
  3. Bursting Head Insertion
    A hydraulic or pneumatic bursting head, attached to a new pipe (usually made of HDPE or PVC), is inserted into the existing pipeline from one access point. The size of the bursting head is larger than the existing pipe to ensure it breaks apart the old pipe and makes room for the new one.
  4. Pipe Fracturing and Replacement
    As the bursting head progresses through the pipeline, it fractures the old pipe outward into the surrounding soil. Simultaneously, the new pipe is pulled into place behind the bursting head, effectively replacing the old pipeline with a new, durable pipe with a larger diameter if needed.
  5. Reconnection and Restoration
    Once the new pipe is in place, connections to lateral lines are reestablished, and the access pits are filled and restored to their original condition, with minimal evidence of the work performed.

Advantages of LCS Pipe Bursting in New Orleans

  • Efficient and Cost-Effective
    LCS’s pipe bursting method is a cost-effective solution for pipeline replacement. By minimizing excavation, we reduce the need for surface restoration, which can be particularly costly in urban areas like New Orleans. Additionally, the ability to upsize pipelines without extensive excavation allows for improved system capacity and efficiency with a single intervention.
  • Minimal Disruption
    Our trenchless approach ensures minimal disruption to traffic, business operations, and daily life. This is especially beneficial in densely populated or historically significant areas of New Orleans, where preserving the integrity of the surface is crucial. The reduced footprint of our operations also means less noise, dust, and general disturbance to the community.
  • Long-Term Durability
    The materials used in our pipe bursting process, such as HDPE and PVC, are known for their longevity and resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and root intrusion. This results in a long-term solution that enhances the reliability of the city’s infrastructure and reduces the likelihood of future repairs.
  • Environmental Considerations
    By avoiding extensive excavation, our pipe bursting method has a lower environmental impact compared to traditional replacement techniques. Less disruption to the soil and surrounding ecosystem, combined with the efficient use of materials, contributes to a more sustainable approach to pipeline rehabilitation.

Serving All of New Orleans

LCS provides pipe bursting services across New Orleans, from the French Quarter and Garden District to the Central Business District and beyond. Our local knowledge and technical expertise enable us to navigate the unique challenges of each area, offering tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Whether it’s a municipal sewer line, a commercial drainage system, or residential plumbing, LCS’s pipe bursting services offer a reliable, minimally invasive solution for updating and enhancing New Orleans’ pipeline infrastructure.

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